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Greetings, my dear friend. Welcome to my LJ. No, it's not forbidden. I must be your friend FIRST for I to reveal my secrets to thee.


Christel. 10/15/89. 16. MC. Freshie. BSBA-1. Known to be friendly. Cheerful. Trustworthy. Liar. Cute. Sexy. Backstabber.

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Mystic Shower . The Chronicle of tears .[Version 5] is now a part and a continuation of my blog in pitas, which is currently on hiatus. The layout is made by me, featuring characters from Read or Die. All of the images, brushes and fonts used are credited and I whole-heartedly thanked them. My LJ doesn't intend to hurt anyone but some entries were really posted intentionally to those people who are really damn. But since it is a "friends only" journal, it will never be revealed. Thank you and hope you understand. All Rights Reserved.

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OUCH. Wrong spot. [29 Nov 2020|06:26pm]
[ mood | touched ]

Yopo! You just have spotted a "friends only" LJ. Wanna be my friend? Here are some rules to follow:

1. You must be a Filipino or as long as you understand the language.
2. You're not a relative, a classmate/friend or someone I know in person. It depends.
3. If you're an online friend, it's okay. :)
4. You are active. You like flooding? That's better.
5. Comment to be added.

If you don't like it, go away. =) Thank you.
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A Not-Hidden Entry. [13 Nov 2006|09:04pm]
[ mood | coughs...? ]

Hehe. I just feel updating my livejournal and yes, posting this entry in public. Hehe. I actually have nothing to say. Really. XD Just check out my blog. It's updated, finally. And at least, it can be viewed in public. =)

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Eeeek. =/ [06 Sep 2006|07:42pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

*tagalog mode* haha.

wah, saket ng lalamunan ko!! grabe, kahit anong inom ang gawin ko, tuyo at masaket pa rin!! wah!! ayoko ng ganito!! =S

isang masaklap na pangyayari: lam nyo bang binuhos ko ang aking oras kakagawa ng theme pra sa aking cellphone kapalit ng pagiinternet?! shet, di gumana ang lang hiya!! hahaha!! :(

bukas na ung mga pix.. nkktamad mgupload eh. =) buksan nyo n lng friendster q. Click here.

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